Welcome to Lori Sikes, LCSW

I have more than 20 years counseling experience and have worked with a variety of people in addressing diverse and complex issues. My approach to therapy is collaborative.  I see my role as a guide, offering a new perspective or skill from an objective and accepting point of view.  It is often difficult, in times of stress, to identify the strengths and resources we can bring in response to a crisis.  Through the therapeutic alliance, these can be identified and utilized.


Relationships are the most rewarding and challenging aspects of a healthy life, and when there is conflict, or major changes occur in our relationships, whether at home or at work, we often feel off balance and out of control. These are times of transition and, although painful and confusing, can motivate us to take a new responsibility for our lives and restore a balance of our own choosing. 


Completing transitions, so that we fully release what we are leaving behind and wholly embrace what is to be, is best done with the accepting guidance of a therapist.  Learning about the process of change, and about new thinking and relationship skills, can help you move toward having the life you want.

I am located at 1700 Alma Drive, Ste. 315

Plano, TX 75075


Phone: 469-693-5705


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